Tasmanian Mermaids Photo Competition rules. PADI’s Womens Dive Day July 18th, 2020

Sea Lion by Joanna Smart – One of the competitions judges for 2020
  1. The 2020 underwater photography competition has three categories: 
    1. Point and shoot/ novice (photographer has only been taking photos underwater for less than 18 months, or using point and shoot type camera or action camera – i.e. not DSLR or mirrorless formats) taken during the last 12 months with minimal editing
    2. Women in diving (above or below water, freediving, snorkelling and compressed air diving) taken during the last 12 months with minimal editing
    3. Ocean stewardship (any image to inspire ocean stewardship, and to encourage and promote passion for protection of our oceans) taken during the last 12 months with minimal editing
Juvenile Lionfish in Sydney – Image: Jane Ruckert

It is the responsibility of entrants to ensure that photographs are submitted correctly according to these rules. 

  1. Entrants may submit up to 3 images in each category. The same images must not be submitted in multiple categories. 
  2. The competition is open to members of the Facebook page, “Tasmanian Mermaids” only
  3. Images are to have mostly underwater content. Under/Over images are allowed. 
  4. Photographs for the 2020 Tasmanian Mermaids Underwater Photo Competition must have been taken after 20th of July 2019. 
  5. Images should be submitted as digital JPG files, normally using the high quality/ low compression. 
  6. Image files may be produced by digital cameras or from scans of transparencies, negatives or prints made using a film camera. 
  7. Images may be cropped, however either the minimum image width or height should not be substantially different from those produced in the camera (as a general rule for digital cameras, one side should be at least 1200 pixels long). 
  8. Image Editing – Sharpening and other global digital changes such as adjusting contrast, brightness, colour balance, etc. to optimize images is permitted, as is rotation and flipping. Limited backscatter removal is allowed. Keep in mind that this competition is for underwater photography, not the digital manipulation of images. Event organisers and judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so as to alter its authenticity. 
  9. Images must be submitted to the organisers by 5pm on Saturday the 11th of July and late entries may not be accepted. Images should be submitted via email to janeruckert@gmail.com with Category and your name ie “Cat D J.Bloggs” as the subject. Separate emails are required for entries in different categories. 
  10. Images must be labelled according to this format: .JPG so an image of a dolphin swimming over a reef taken in Tasmania by Joe Bloggs and entered in Category A might have this file name: CatAJBloggsDolphin.JPG. If it was an image of a dolphin’s face to be entered in the portrait category it might be labelled: CatBJBloggsDolphin.JPG or catbbloggsdolphinface.jpg or catbbloggsdolphin2.jpg. Case is unimportant, but entry category, photographers name and a name or number to identify each image file is required so that photos can be properly organised. Photos named incorrectly may be disqualified. 
  11. The organisers reserve the right to request a copy of the original image to ensure that the above conditions have been fulfilled. 
  12. The organisers encourage photographers to submit a variety of images. All subjects will be considered. 
  13. Judging will be primarily based on the aesthetic appeal of images. Focus, exposure and composition will be prime considerations and should be used to make a pleasing image and complement the subject matter. Originality and/or the difficulty of getting the image may also be taken into account. 
  14. The judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  15. Photos will be uploaded to the Tasmanian Mermaids official Facebook page. 
  16. Winning entrants will be announced on the evening event for PADI’s Womens Dive Day, presented by Tasmanian Mermaids, on the 18th of July, 2020. 
  17. The organisers reserve the right to use all photos for future promotion of Tasmanian Mermaids, with permission of the owner, but not for any other purpose.

Thanks to the Tasmanian Combined Dive Clubs Weekend for the competition rules.