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This is a website for Thalassophiles created by one herself!  Scroll through, and discover some of the beauty to be found beneath the mirror, but as always, I encourage you to go exploring yourself!

Learn about marine science and diving.

Ever wished for a Podcast, all things marine science, diving and other exciting things?

Beneath the Mirror podcast will be coming to you soon.  In the mean time, check out some of my blogs, and photos below.


I started diving in 2012, and finished my Marine Science degree in 2013.  After returning from a trip to Cambodia in 2014, I was totally hooked on underwater photography.  I wanted to give non-divers a chance to see the beauty that lies beneath the waves.  Join me on my underwater adventures, from perusing my images to listening to my marine based podcasts (coming soon).  As always, any questions or feedback is always appreciated.


Tasmanian Mermaids Photo Competition rules. PADI’s Womens Dive Day July 18th, 2020

The 2020 underwater photography competition has three categories:  Point and shoot/ novice (photographer has only been taking photos underwater for less than 18 months, or using point and shoot type camera or action camera – i.e. not DSLR or mirrorless formats) taken during the last 12 months with minimal editing Women in diving (above or …

Fujikawa Maru

The Fujikawa Maru is one of the most dived wrecks in the lagoon. It was also our favorite! So much so, we dived it twice. This impressive ship underwent a drastic upgrade from her pre-war, passenger-cargo role to a full blown armed aircraft transport ship and seaplane tender. She now sits in around 35 meters …


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